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Being Apart of The Wolf Pack

Soula is currently underway on a great Southeast road trip! Our first stop lead us to the Seacrest Wolf Preserve in Chipley, Florida.  The Seacrest Wolf preserve lets you experience the culture of the wolf pack by bringing you into the wolf pack territory.  The preserve shares our passion and importance for these amazing creatures by educating people through the opportunity to encounter the bond wolves have within their own pack.

While on tour you will visit three different species, the Gray, British Columbian, and Arctic wolves. With a hands on approach you cannot find with many wolves expect to give plenty of ear scratches and back rubs!  Some of the more affectionate wolves provide the lucky few with kisses and nuzzles. You will hear the chilling howl of the surrounding packs as they line their territories.  Start practicing now because you too will howling along with them! Our favorite pack was the Brat pack where we got to bond with the alpha, Forest.

If you would like to become part of the pack we suggest booking a VIP tour.  The VIP tour gives you and a small a group of friends more exposure with the wolves.  The regular tours are crowded so expect waiting time, less interaction, and NO digital camera use.  Yes, the last one is a bummer. This is why we recommend the VIP tour. Make sure to book your tour a couple months out since they are booked a few months in advance.  The best tip we can give is to visit during the cooler weather months making the adventure more pleasant .  Would you like to tag along with us on our next trip? You can message us for more details.


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