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Not All Dreams Die Young

Just retired and before hitting 60. We’re headed out to live full-time in our 25′ Airstream: my bride Lynne and I. Oh, and The Kitties Three: Cooke, Harley and Zippo. Our goal is to go wherever we want and be guided only by pleasant weather. We definitely will be going to Bureau of Land Management (BLM) areas in the west where free camping is abundant, and also eventually take the ultimate RV road trip to Alaska.

We’re especially excited to be able to boondock in our Airstream using only water we carry on board and solar power. This is a dream we’ve talked about for 25 years and are blessed to be able to live it.


Joe K.

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Being Apart of The Wolf Pack

Soula is currently underway on a great Southeast road trip! Our first stop lead us to the Seacrest Wolf Preserve in Chipley, Florida.  The Seacrest Wolf preserve lets you experience the culture of the wolf pack by bringing you into the wolf pack territory.  The preserve shares our passion and importance for these amazing creatures by educating people through the opportunity to encounter the bond wolves have within their own pack.

While on tour you will visit three different species, the Gray, British Columbian, and Arctic wolves. With a hands on approach you cannot find with many wolves expect to give plenty of ear scratches and back rubs!  Some of the more affectionate wolves provide the lucky few with kisses and nuzzles. You will hear the chilling howl of the surrounding packs as they line their territories.  Start practicing now because you too will howling along with them! Our favorite pack was the Brat pack where we got to bond with the alpha, Forest.

If you would like to become part of the pack we suggest booking a VIP tour.  The VIP tour gives you and a small a group of friends more exposure with the wolves.  The regular tours are crowded so expect waiting time, less interaction, and NO digital camera use.  Yes, the last one is a bummer. This is why we recommend the VIP tour. Make sure to book your tour a couple months out since they are booked a few months in advance.  The best tip we can give is to visit during the cooler weather months making the adventure more pleasant .  Would you like to tag along with us on our next trip? You can message us for more details.


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Living Off The Grid

“Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.” John Muir

I am my best self when I’m off the grid. Hiking in Joshua Tree National Park is a great place to escape. It’s the only place on the planet you can find these amazing and unusual trees, but the boulders are incredible too. Once you enter the park, you have to drive for about 30 miles before you see the boulder formations and Joshua Trees. Climbing on boulders is probably the best way to stay in the present moment. One wrong move and you might be suffering from some broken bones.

Joshua Tree National Park is just one of those special places in Southern California. I moved to SoCal 11 years ago, and I have never looked back. I thank the universe each and every day that I get to live in such a beautiful part of the world. Joshua Tree is just 3 hours from San Diego. If you’ve never been, make the trip. You won’t be disappointed.


Brandi D.

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The Best Side Of The Bahamas

Do you dream of white sand, crystal blue water and a fruity tropical drink perspiring in your hand? Who wouldn’t?  Of course the appropriate saying is “sometimes you just need to get away.” In Eleuthera, this is where your vision meets reality with an adventure.


Most people think of Atlantis or Nassau when considering the Bahamas but has anyone heard of Eleuthera?  Eleuthera is a seemingly untouched island to escape tourism. When you walk out your backdoor onto their pink sandy beaches you would conclude to having your own private beach. However, the fun is just beginning! The 1 to 3 mile wide island provides you with the advantages of both the beautiful Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean, making your adventures endless. Have you wanted to see the tropical fish the Bahamas has to offer? Well you’re in luck because in Eleuthera, coral reefs extend out approximately every 5 yards from the shore. Expect to see parrotfish, reef sharks, lobster, grouper, and snapper.  If you were looking at a book of Caribbean fish, you would basically see them all.  

Snorkeling is not the only activity you can experience.  Try scuba diving with sharks, kayaking, deep sea fishing, or paddle boarding on the calm Caribbean water side. You can also explore the island’s vast caves, located around the area.  You could even venture across the island to experience a day in Briland, as the locals call it or Harbor Island.  By ferry, Harbor Island will bring you back to society with a more touristy feel.  On your way back, one of the most important experiences you cannot forget about is to pickup some of the local pineapple along roadside. The 110 mile long Island is covered with pineapple farms establishing Eleuthera as being known as the pineapple capital of the world.  You will taste some of the sweetest pineapple that has ever past your lips.

Do you want some tips? We recommend that you bring everything that you would need from a drug store. There are no CVS’s, Walgreens, or pharmacies in Eleuthera so pack up your sunscreen, cold medicines, bug spray, and whatever else you might need. There are small grocery stores and liquor stores that import food so if you are looking for some snacks that where you can go. Expect to pay premium prices for some of the items though.  Tip #2, bring cash, a card for payment is rarely accepted on the island.  Tip #3, bring some sort of water shoes to protect your feet. #4, pack some frozen meat with you in a travel ice chest to check for your flight.  And finally tip #4 pick up hitchhikers! Yes you heard me, hitchhikers. The locals are the friendliest people you will met. Not only will you hear some amazing stories but you will drastically help them out, making their day.

Even with all the adventure options, there is still plenty of time to relax and enjoy the cool island breeze with the sound of the soft waves.  If the caribbean is where you want to visit this is where we recommend. The island name speaks for itself meaning “Freedom” in Greek. So come on out to the pink sandy Island.

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Soula’s Adventures in Finland

I am lucky enough to have just married my adventure-loving best friend. For anyone who is planning his or her honeymoon destination, you know that destination is a big deal. Without a doubt in our minds, we knew that we wanted to go somewhere different. Many couples spend their first few days of marriage lying on the beach drinking pina coladas. While that is a great vacation, it wasn’t the right one for us. We knew that we wanted to do something adventurous.

How many people do you know who have been to Finland? That’s right I said it…Finland. I was thrilled to know that we would be spending our honeymoon in the Arctic Circle.

One of the greatest parts of our adventure was that we got to experience a new culture. I got to delight in the savory taste of reindeer and mashed potatoes while sharing stories with local people. My taste buds were excited by the sweet yet bitter flavor of a cloudberry, a food I had never even heard of before. Most importantly, I learned that when someone asks if you would like to try blueberry mineral juice, the answer is always no. Trust me on that if you ever find yourself in Finland.

While the food was one of my favorite memories, it was not the most important part of the trip. My favorite parts of our adventure were the memories I made with my husband. I got to spend my honeymoon snuggled up next to the man that I love while sitting next to the fire in the wilderness after a long reindeer ride. As we traveled by snowmobile over frozen rivers, I got to wrap my arms around my man and take in the beauty of the landscape around us. During an ancient shaman ritual I had ash wiped over my face to rid myself of evil spirits. I spent my nights pushing my dogsled team as we hunted the Aurora. Although we didn’t get to see the actual Northern lights, I was able to sleep in glass igloos with my best friend next to me as we watched the clouds be illuminated in shades of green. The desire to see the Northern lights will just give me excuse for another new adventure. This time, I am thinking Alaska. So my question to you is…will you spend your honeymoon lying on the beach, or will you be bold and adventurous and go somewhere new?




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Soula’s Adventures in Australia

Throughout my life, I have wanted to dive the Great Barrier Reef, located off of the coast of Australia. After making it through a 18-hour semester and graduation, I had the perfect excuse to treat myself to my dream vacation. Although I only had a short amount of time to travel, I planned out my two-week trip. First, I would travel to Sydney to see what the city life and surrounding beaches had to offer. Then, I would travel to Cairns to enjoy 3 days of diving on the reef and a couple of nights exploring and partying throughout the coastal town.

When I arrived in Australia, I made my way to the Sydney Harbor where I had a quick drink to calm my nerves. I made friends with a few locals who would end up being my tour guides throughout the city, sites, and different beaches over the next few days. I went surfing at the world-famous Manly and Bondi Beaches and, unfortunately, learned that the lack of an ozone layer is not something to take lightly. I finished my days in Sydney by watching a Saints vs. Seahawks playoff game at 7:00 am at an airport bar, drinking with Aussies, and anxiously awaiting the next leg of my trip. I boarded my plane to Cairns eager and ready to dive, or so I had thought. Upon the planes arrival I was having trouble clearing my ears. This worried me because it is a crucial safety precaution to have clear ears while scuba diving. After a quick trip to the doc, I received news that there was water lodged in my ears due to my days surfing and the pressure change from the flight into Cairns. Because of this, I wouldn’t be able to dive. I was depressed because diving the Great Barrier Reef was the main reason that I came to Australia. Even though I was a little bummed out, I decided to venture up the mountains into the rainforest for a different type of adventurous journey.

I took part in an eight-hour journey into the rainforest with a bus full of travelers. Our first stop was to a wildlife sanctuary where I would get the chance to hangout with friendly Australian wildlife. Next, we would take a river ride into the rainforest for a close look at the dangerous crocodiles that prevented anyone from swimming in the Australian rivers, as well as the life-like plants that are surprisingly more dangerous than the wildlife. Throughout the trip there were stops at amazing scenic views and a hike into an untouched piece of forest with aged woven root designs. After arriving at the cabin, I checked in and made my way to the beach bar with a Scottish lad I had met on the trip. We quickly made friends with some girls from Germany, England, and the Netherlands. We all decided to drink dark American whiskey and teach one another to play card games from our homelands. When we woke up, we decided to go for a hike and climb the large untouched Australian trees. Afterwards, we went on a horseback ride through the countryside and along the beach. For me, the most fun part was meeting the rainforest locals. They taught us their authentic ways of farming, fishing, hunting, cooking, and survival. I spent my final days in Cairns hanging with my new friends before heading back to the States. This experience was awesome because of the people I met along the way. The circumstances were not always as I had imagined, but my optimism and good faith in the strangers I met left me with lasting friendships and countless memories. I know that one day I will go back to Australia to dive the Great Barrier Reef. Maybe this time I’ll hold off on the surfing until AFTER I scuba dive.